Microsoft brings RSS feeds back to life in Edge browser preview

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In a preview version of his edge browserMicrosoft is testing the integration of RSS feeds natively with Followable Web.

The feature is currently being rolled out gradually to testers.

The great return of RSS feeds?

After wanting to set up alternatives to RSS feeds with solutions like Microsoft News or Google News that use an algorithmic approach to offer content to users, large companies are gradually backtracking. Much like Google on Chrome recently, Microsoft is testing the integration of RSS feeds into its Edge browser with a feature called Followable Web.

Instead of having to go through RSS feed aggregators like Feedly to follow the news of their favorite sites, it will be possible to subscribe directly from their browser to the RSS feeds of the sites that offer them. In the preview version of the browser, a “Follow” button in the “Collections” space allows you to subscribe to the site visited, and the latest updates from the sites followed will be displayed in a dedicated space when opening the browser . To access the complete list of monitored sites, it is currently necessary to go through the “Collections” menu.

The deployment of Followable Web being progressive, it is not yet available for all testers.

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