Microsoft Edge: a bug prevents the browser from closing

Microsoft Edge

A bug may prevent the browser Microsoft Edge to close properly.

Microsoft is investigating and has just disabled the feature ” Startup Boost “.

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A little hiccup on Microsoft Edge

Recently, Microsoft gave its Edge browser a new feature, dubbed Boot acceleration (or Startup Boost) which maximizes browser performance as soon as it is opened. This results in a performance increase that varies between 29 and 41%, according to Microsoft.

However, for a few days now, some users have been experiencing various malfunctions with Microsoft Edge. Among the bugs encountered, the inability to close the browser, which restarts automatically.

Microsoft Edge © Microsoft

Worse still, the Microsoft Edge browser sometimes continues to run in the background once closed, and some may have up to 20 processes running simultaneously, which obviously affects the performance of the machine.

On the side of Microsoft, we have already reacted, by temporarily deactivating the function Startup Boostwhich was previously enabled by default.

Our team is working on fixing a few issues where some customers are seeing the browser re-open immediately after quitting the app and/or a message about re-opening tabs when Startup Boost is enabled explains the company.

Microsoft Edge

If in doubt, you can of course check your Microsoft Edge browser by going to Settingsthen System. This is where you can, among other things, activate/deactivate the option Boot acceleration.

Source : Windows Latest

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