Microsoft Edge Canary: Android, iOS and Windows 10 work in unison

Developers working on Microsoft Edge have managed to unify the codes so that the versions available on Android, iOS and Windows 10 work in unison.

Microsoft is bringing Edge Canary to the Google Play Store.

the Google Play Store welcomes Edge Canary, the new version of Microsoft Edge. // Source: Microsoft

After two months of development, the Redmond firm announces that the Android version of Microsoft Edge Canary is now available on the Google Play Store or in APK for users who want it. As a reminder, this version makes it possible to test the latest modifications made before carrying out a general deployment. Unfortunately, people on iOS will still have to wait a little while before they can access it. Everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait!

The Edge Canary app is finally available on the Google Play Store.

Microsoft is improving the ecosystem of its internet browser with the arrival of Edge Canary on Android // Source: Windows Central

Say goodbye to Edge Legacy and hello to Edge Canary

Before the Edge Canary app lands, the version on Windows 10 and the one available on Android (and iOS) did not have the same development methods. The functionalities were not the same from one version to another, without forgetting that the updates did not correspond to that of the browser on Windows. This failed to frustrate users who could access the latest news from their computer but once on the application, nothing.

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The unification of the codes will facilitate the development of the browser on Windows 10 and Android

It has been Microsoft’s wish for several months, to allow users to access identical functionalities from any medium. Things promised, things due, Microsoft developers have managed to design an application that has the same code as the version Windows 10. That is, people who have Microsoft Edge update 91.0.858.0 installed on a PC will also be able to access this same version from their Android smartphone.

By throwing the old version in the trash, this new application shows Microsoft’s desire to build a powerful ecosystem between each device. Edge Canary offers much better performance compared to the obsolete version, better scrolling, as well as a dark mode that can be activated permanently. Note that it is possible to see some bugs related to the youth of the application, Microsoft will optimize it through future updates.

The Microsoft Edge browser is enjoying growing success thanks to its updates. The browser dethroned Firefox and invited itself to the podium, now with Safari in the viewfinder.
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