Microsoft Edge will soon let you solve math problems

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Microsoft has just deployed Math Solver, on the Navigator edge. This new feature solves math problems with step-by-step instructions.

Hello math friends! Math Solver should soon be available on version 91 of Microsoft Edge. This feature, designed to help students improve in math practice, solves all problems presented to it. It also explains the steps of its reasoning, one by one, for a better understanding of users.

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An experimental feature available only in preview

This is news that should interest those who have the hump of maths… and delight those who have this discipline in horror. The Math Solver feature has just been previewed on the Dev, Canary and Beta versions of Microsoft Edge.

The program allows those who wish to submit mathematical problems to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence. Two solutions for this:

  • Photograph the problem and import it into the browser;

  • enter the formula directly via a virtual mathematical keyboard.

The tool will then make the necessary calculations and give an answer. Math Solver also includes many quizzes, exercises and video tutorials.

For those who would like to test it now on the Dev, Canary and Beta versions, just go to the Microsoft Edge settings and select Math Solver in the “More tools” section. For now, Microsoft is still testing this feature. Nothing says that it will one day be permanently available. However, it should be present in preview in version 91 of the browser.

Source : Neowin

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