Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X Coming in 2021

Flight Simulator for Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator

In an interview with the guys from Asobo Studio, conducted by the French media. Tribune , the creators of Microsoft Flight Simulator have commented on a lot of news regarding the agreements with Microsoft and the future of the franchise. Among the questions, it was obviously related to the Xbox, as there was a lot of talk about the launch of the simulator on the console.

Well it looks like yes, the project is still underway and the game will have a console version next year targeted at the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, which might make sense if we consider the demand for the game. which we are currently testing on a PC.

The development work for the Xbox version will be carried out by the team itself, who have chosen to continue to lead the project to ensure the same level of quality achieved with the PC version. In this case, we understand that the Xbox version keeps us waiting. Of course it’s worth it. At least they gave up on the fact that some things could be even better than on a PC, so let’s see how they surprise us.

Ready for virtual reality

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Luckily, you don’t have to wait that long, this is the highly anticipated VR mode. Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon receive a beta version in the form of a patch that will allow the use of virtual reality glasses, and it looks like the chosen date will be between October and November. Demand will be Mixed Reality Windows helmet, as these models will be compatible in the first place.

Expanding the recreation of the world

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X Coming in 2021 2

With the first update expanding the map details of Japan, the United States will be the second country to receive a major orographic update. These updates will be a series of nearly quarterly patches that will continue to improve the game’s visual and real-world experience. And of course, this will also take up the capacity of your hard drive, so be prepared.

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More surprises for the future

Microsoft seems to be very happy with Asobo Studios, but the relationship will last for now. An article originally published by XboxEra indicated that both companies had signed an agreement to release a new game, however the news was denied as it was a poor translation.

On the other hand, the development studio also signed an agreement with Focus Home Interactive, the company behind Plague Tale: Innocence , so let’s see if it will be a sequel to the game or another project.

A job well done has its reward in the end, and in Asobo Studio you definitely won’t be able to complain.

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