Microsoft Flight Simulator is released for PC and is on Game Pass

Microsoft released today (18) Flight Simulator, new simulation game of the classic franchise of the company that impresses for its graphics and realism. The product is available for purchase on the PC, but it can also be played with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Microsoft’s flight simulator uses the company’s cutting-edge technologies to deliver high levels of realism. The project was made by Asobo Studio, creator of the game The Plague Tale: Innocence, and uses data from Bing Maps to deliver a complete Earth mapping.

According to Microsoft, Azure’s cloud framework is used to process and transmit 2 petabytes of the planet’s geographic data. With this, players can enjoy environments based on existing locations and play “in real time”, following the local time and climate.

Realistic planes and airports

In addition to having a digital recreation of the planet, the new edition of Flight Simulator perfect the part that most interests simulation enthusiasts: the planes. The advanced mapping implemented by Microsoft brings 37,000 airports to the game.

Asobo also paid more attention to certain locations and aircraft. The basic edition of the game includes 20 planes and 30 “handcrafted” airports. Deluxe editions of the simulator bring up to 10 extra locations and vehicles with elaborate details.

Where to play Microsoft Flight Simulator?

The Standard Edition of Flight Simulator it can be downloaded and played in its entirety by Xbox Game Pass members, which has a trial for just R$1.00. The subscription is available on the PC for R$14 a month and is also included in the Ultimate version, which costs R$39 a month.

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The flight simulator can also be purchased at Steam stores and Microsoft Store for R$ 249.95 in its basic edition. The Deluxe version costs R$ 339.95, while the Premium Deluxe costs R$ 429.95.

The game needs approximately 150 GB to install, plus at least 5 Mbps connection to download content and information in real time. You can check the minimum and recommended requirements your PC needs to face the simulator on this page.

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