Microsoft introduced special controllers for the physically disabled

Microsoft has made special efforts to enable people with physical disabilities to use computers and play games. doing.

Current Microsoft CEO Satya NadellaHe received the worst news of his life in the past few months. The 26-year-old son of the famous tech leader Zain Nadella, He was an individual born with “cerebral palsy” and unfortunately passed away. Satya Nadella, per Microsoft Bill Gates He passed on afterwards and made the company much stronger and richer. Nadella especially in the new “accessibility” began to attach great importance to the subject. both windows as well as xbox Great software and hardware steps were taken for individuals with disabilities. The reason why he attaches so much importance to this issue is understood once again with the death of Zain Nadella. satya Nadella, continues to support work in the field. For example, a large number of controllers that you see above, prepared by the company, were introduced today.

These hardware products focused on button and mouse control, which are prepared in many different versions for different situations, can be customized with 3D printer parts as far as is transferred. In this way, the company wants to make more people actively use computers. The prices of these products are not yet known, but the release is targeted for autumn.

Of course, every work done for people with physical disabilities is of great importance. Unfortunately, medicine cannot remove many physical barriers yet. However, at least we can develop products that will connect these people to life more comfortably.

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