Microsoft introduces accessibility kit for Surface devices

Microsoft presented this Wednesday (22) a series of new devices from the Surface line, including the new generation of its two-screen cell phone, but also dedicated an excerpt of the conference to talk about accessibility.

One of the company’s novelties for portable models is the Surface Adaptive Kit, a set of tools and accessories that help people with different disabilities.

According to the company, devices with advances in design and portability, such as thinner laptops, may actually be more difficult for people with disabilities to handle — and no one can be left out when accessing a new product for leisure or productivity.

With a plug that can be connected to the device, the kit allows navigation from touches on smooth surfaces that resemble stickers and indicate arrows and shortcuts.

In addition, there are keyboards embossed on important commands and brackets to facilitate opening the cover of notebooks and mounting the bases of devices.

Those responsible for creating the accessories are part of the Inclusive Tech Lab, the team that helped develop the lauded Xbox Adaptive Controller. In addition, the company has also confirmed new accessibility features for the Windows 11.


For now, the Surface Adaptive Kit has not had launch details released by the company, which only confirmed the arrival of the product this year. More details on availability may arrive shortly as the launch of Windows 11 is scheduled for October 5th.

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