Microsoft Launches Azure Monitoring Service For Windows Virtual Desktop

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Companies can now monitor or supervise the environment Windows Their Virtual Desktop by using Azure monitoring service.

Azure monitoring service dedicated to Windows Virtual Desktop has been generally available since last week, which will give users a better insight into the state Windows Their Virtual Desktop. Service Windows Virtual Desktop itself was commercially launched by Microsoft in September 2019.

Windows Virtual Desktop becomes a container to hold the operating system Windows 7 dan Windows 10 and applications on Microsoft servers that are accessed remotely by end users. Although Windows Virtual Desktops allow organizations to have more centralized management control over applications and devices Windows, and with a limited number of clients, the service has a number of complexities that Microsoft claims will be easy to overcome using the Azure monitoring service.

“With Azure monitoring service for Windows Virtual Desktop, users can find and solve problems in their deployment, view the status and health of existing hosts, diagnose user feedback and understand the importance of resource utilization,” Microsoft said in an announcement.

This service capability provides better data collection. The estimated cost is claimed to have been even better optimized. User interface for setting Windows Virtual Desktop is also said to be easier, including when setting up virtual machines and Windows Event Logs. The notification will now also appear at the top of the Host Diagnostics page.

However, Microsoft is giving special warnings to preview users of the Azure monitoring service for Windows Virtual Desktop is that they have to do manual configuration first, in order to optimally switch to the public version. These steps are needed to help reduce the costs of Azure user monitoring service log analysis.

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Using the Azure monitoring service comes with a complex fee structure, which Microsoft has explained on their pricing page below. Companies pay for what they use, but several different rates are tied to using the monitor, as explained on the price list page.

Microsoft recommends that companies looking to use the service for the first time choose a ‘pay as you go’ plan and then set up an deployment model to try to collect data.

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