Microsoft Teams: you may be able to play and compete with your colleagues while working from home

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Who said work was incompatible with distractions? If you dreamed of being able to relax during your meetings on Teamsit looks like Microsoft has found a solution for you.

Over the past two years, telework has experienced a real resurgence of interest. Therefore, video conferencing applications have proven to be particularly useful in many professions. Among them, we obviously find Microsoft Teams, which definitely does not seem short of ideas to make your meetings more attractive.

Microsoft Teams: balancing work and entertainment

Working from home, despite its many advantages, unfortunately does not allow you to have a good time with your collaborators. Drinking a coffee together on the terrace or playing cards for a short break… These are convivial everyday activities that teleworkers must dispense with. Unless Microsoft has found a solution for you…

According to media information The Verge, the Redmond firm is currently working on something that could well energize your work meetings. The American giant would seriously consider integrating games directly into its videoconferencing service. Obviously, the idea would not be to distract the attention of the collaborators nor to divert them from their professional objectives, but rather to offer them the possibility of playing against each other, the time of a few quick games of Lonelyof Power 4 or of Wordament.

If Microsoft is currently only in the testing phase, and this feature may never see the light of day, this would be an interesting initiative. In particular, it would instil more sociability and friendliness among teleworkers.

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Source : The Verge

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