Microsoft Whiteboard for iOS updated with over 40 languages ​​added

Microsoft Whiteboard for iOS updated with over 40 languages ​​added 3

Initially presented in 2017 for Windows 10 by Microsoft, the Whiteboard has gradually gained shape and form, aiming to attract users looking for a collaborative platform that allows them to make drawings and sketches both in the Windows as on iOS.

After making a major upgrade in November last year, the company recently made it available for the handset platform from Apple One more update, identified as 19.10715.1, in addition to traditional bug fixes and performance enhancements, includes the inclusion of over 40 languages ​​in the application, making it easier for more users to share ideas.

Check out the official changelog provided by Microsoft for the Whiteboard app:

  • Support for new languages: We’ve added support for over 40 languages, so it’s easier to express and share ideas in your preferred language.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Microsoft Whiteboard 19.10715.1 is now officially available for download from Apple App Store, which can be accessed through the card below.

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