Microsoft would now like to buy TikTok everywhere and even in Europe

Determined to buy the social network developed by ByteDance, Microsoft would have extended its takeover offer to new regions.

Microsoft is determined to buy TikTok

Microsoft is determined to buy TikTok

The has fallen, TikTok will be banned in 45 days if nothing happens. The US government wants to block this application, as well as WeChat, and is advancing the collection of data from these applications as justification. A few days ago, Microsoft came up with a plan to fix the situation: to buy out the US branch of TikTok and have the data kept in the US while keeping the service alive in the country.

This proposal, made after a discussion with Donald Trump, was also to integrate the takeover of TikTok in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Now Microsoft is thinking bigger.

India and Europe are now in Microsoft’s sights

The Financial Times site announces in fact that it has interviewed five different sources close to the matter who all claim that Microsoft wishes to extend the takeover of TikTok to new regions: Europe and India, countries where the service has been banned since the month of June, but where it had been very successful (more than 650 million downloads according to SensorTower). More clearly, this means that if the takeover were to take place, Microsoft would gain control over all of TikTok’s activities outside of China. In this scenario, the parent company ByteDance would continue to offer the Douyin service in China, the equivalent of TikTok for the country.

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These developments on the scope of the takeover in a few days show that Microsoft and ByteDance must move forward very quickly on the file. With the signing of the presidential decree by Donald Trump on the night of August 6 to 7, the firm must imperatively complete the takeover before mid-September.

Also according to the site, this change of mind on the part of Microsoft also comes from the possible problems that a partial takeover of TikTok would pose. In the first scenario, the European version of the application would, for example, have continued to be operated by ByteDance, while the American version would come under the control of Microsoft. This would then be asked questions like the behavior of the application for an American visitor in Europe, or the evolution of the functionalities of the application. By securing an international takeover of all TikTok activities, Microsoft is addressing these issues.

A very complex case

The TikTok buyout issue is unlike any tech company buyout. To complete its project, Microsoft must succeed in juggling between the demands of the American government, without alienating the Chinese authorities, its investment capacities in the purchase of such a popular service (estimated at several tens of billions of dollars). dollars), the demands of ByteDance and its own strategy for the future of the application.

According to the Financial Times, Microsoft, for example, would like to convince the US government to give it a year to separate TikTok from its Chinese roots and meet the data collection requirements posed by the United States.

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