Minecraft will receive PlayStation VR support this month

the players of Minecraft on PS4 they will be able to enjoy the game of blocks in virtual reality soon. Microsoft has confirmed that the game will receive PlayStation VR support in a free update coming out this month.

The update was revealed by Roger Carpenter of developer Mojang Studios. In a publication on the PlayStation Blog, the producer of Minecraft said the update is not ready yet, but will reach PlayStation 4 owners in September.

“All who have Minecraft on PlayStation 4 they will receive this patch automatically”, explains the game’s developer. “Download this patch and you will have access to the new Minecraft function in virtual reality. The only requirement to use the novelty is to have the PSVR system.

According to Carpenter, the PlayStation VR launch has been a plan that has been on the studio’s mind since the game’s arrival on PS4. The game experience will be the same as in the conventional version, but with the world of Minecraft running in virtual reality.

According to Mojang, no content will be removed from the virtual reality edition of Minecraft. Commands can be performed using the DualShock 4 controller, similar to what happens in the standard edition of the game.

the patch of Minecraft which brings support for PlayStation VR is already in the final polishing stage and should not be long in coming. According to Mojang, even with the pandemic, the development process was smooth and the trend is that the update does not suffer from delays.

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