Ministry of Broadcasting: Platform Game for iPhone and iPad

Basic plot and type of game

Ministry of Radio Broadcasting is based on the 1984 novel by George Orwell. At first, the gloomy and snowy world is the result of a recent nuclear war that killed the entire world. The result was a country divided by the world due to a great political struggle. This same government is trying to control the entire population in order to avoid a new world war. For this, numerous cameras have been installed that monitor the entire population and which you will see throughout the game, as well as some more than confusing television programs.

Ministry of Broadcasting

In this game, you take the main character, who was separated from his family by the wall that was built. His goal is to obtain a special visa that will allow him to cross the wall to the other half of the country in order to reunite with his family. To do this, he must participate in a really dark television program that is part of the government’s research. As the competition progresses, you will see him start with simple, very easy challenges, but throughout the game, you will see him move into a much darker environment with the killing of innocents. These decisions will be necessary in order to see your family.

broadcasting ministry

Throughout the story, you will learn how the mode you are in and its evil plans work. Sometimes you will see experiments carried out that can damage the sensitivities of many users, such as police brutality in prisons. You have to go through different arenas and challenges that you will have to dodge.

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Game design and style

The Broadcasting Ministry is inspired by very old games like The Price of Persia and the Strange World: Abe’s Exoduos mechanically it includes. The design is undoubtedly very beautiful in 2D and quite pixelated, which takes us to another era, but allows it to be perfectly moved around on mobile. We have to keep in mind that this is a game that was originally developed for the PC when it was on steam but ended up being carried.

We are faced with a very classic platform game in which you have to overcome obstacles, jump over them and run, run away, and also face falls from a height of several meters. All of this can be very reminiscent of the system that the Prince of Persia used in its origins for different levels. It’s actually not something really hard to manage, and if you’re a platformer you will find a very good experience.

broadcasting ministry 2

Governing bodies and their problems

Obviously, when a game is based on another, rather old, problems arise today. This occurs after you have tried games with the best moves and especially the best jumps. This is the big problem, because after playing for a while, you will see how many jumps are very frustrating for you.

If you remove that, the controls are very simple, as the position in which the mobile phone is held normally can be moved by pressing left, holding the screen and swiping your finger in the direction you want to move to. In the case of the left side, with a simple touch, you can jump and interact with objects. The truth is that it has few mechanics other than that as it is only based on dodging objects you find.

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Puzzles and dialogues

In addition to jumping around the world, there is also a mechanic of solving different puzzles around the world in order to complete the level and arena. In fact, the ones that arise are really simple and, in the end, are decisions that you must make in the course of the story, but always under the watchful eye of the cameras of the regime. These puzzles involve interacting with levers, sacrificing the people you meet, or using a character’s impulse to travel great distances.

broadcasting ministry 3

As mentioned above, dialogue also plays an important role in the gameplay. You will see that the story is very important so that you can enter the story that we discussed earlier.

Get the complete set

On the App Store, you can find part of the game completely free of charge, but this is not the complete game yet. We can say that we have a simple DEMO that shows us the advantages of this game on the first level, where the story is presented and some mechanics and puzzles are shown. But if you want to make a full purchase, you can do so in the test by doing one-time payment 7.99 euros

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