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Minut makes several promises to customers who purchase Minut Smart Home Alarm. The manufacturer says its all-in-one device is easy to set up and easy to use, exceptional precision, low cost, and more privacy-sensitive than competing home security systems.

Simplicity and low cost come from the fact that Minut doesn’t rely on external sensors scattered around your home to keep an eye on things, and that’s more personal than most systems because it doesn’t rely on cameras or microphones to monitor what’s on. happening.

Of course, I’m skeptical of this statement, but Minut is one of the rare devices that delivers on its promises and my expectations. All of them This is also a fancy device the size of a hockey puck, so it even looks cool.

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Minut uses unique technology as the basis for its security system: passive infrared heat detection (PIR). Rather than optically detecting movement through movement, it detects the heat emitted by living things. When mounted on the ceiling as a smoke detector, the device can monitor the circle below about 25 square meters (diameter about 5.5 meters). If anyone passes this area, Minut will know. You can use additional Minuts if you need to cover more areas or additional entry points.

minute 03

Minut Smart Home Alarm has an LED ring that can work as a night light.

But Minut is not only an intruder detector, it is also equipped with various additional sensors designed to give you additional intelligence about your home. This includes noise meters, room temperature sensors, and humidity sensors. You can set multiple thresholds for each of these sensors, so you are warned if someone is skipped.

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But before learning the Minut function, let’s talk about the configuration. Good news: simple, painless, as advertised. The heaviest part of this process was initially charging the Minut hub, which includes a rechargeable battery that is removed via a standard USB-C cable. This is a fat battery, and it takes up to 6 hours to charge, so plan accordingly.

While you wait, you can spend time mounting the bracket to the ceiling, which is a simple metal plate with a hole in the middle. You move the screw through this hole and into the ceiling, and that’s it.

The minut itself is magnetic, so it attaches to the board without the effort required. When you need to refill (Minut says the full charge will take about 6 months), you just take it off the roof.

Minut side roof

The painstaking side of this smart home alarm faces the ceiling.

My only real issue with Minut: You intend to install the unit at your entrance (to catch people coming and going), but my entrance has a vaulted ceiling and tower design at the time. There is no way to mount Minut in this room.

In the end, I had to install it in the nearest hallway, although you can also experiment with mounting it on the wall, because it also seems to work well when installed vertically.

The Minut mobile app is quickly and easily set up after a brief registration and sync operation that connects Minut to your Wi-Fi network. After that, a few tips in the app will help you maximize the system.

thorough application 2

Minut sirens can be disabled in the app with a quick touch.

There are two main components of the Minut application. The first panel contains an alarm function, which only has two modes: off or on. Hub Minut always monitors activity and will log everything it detects, but an alarm must be triggered in the app if you want it to alert you when something is detected. In my test, the sensor was very accurate and detected a signature of human heat if anyone approached it. Tiptoe, crawl or run fast, no problem: Minut will see you.

The final version of Android P would be released on August 20

At one point during my test, the unit suddenly recalled while no one was in the room. Ha! False positives, I thought. No: my cat has been wandering and Minut is taking subtle temperature spikes. Unfortunately, there is no way to set a temperature limit, making it a poor safety solution for pet owners.

When the alarm sounds, a 45-second beep marks the countdown timer before the 85-decibel siren sounds loud enough. Push notifications are also sent to your smartphone, which you must use to reset the alarm.

minimum state

This control panel gives you a broad view of your home ecosystem.

The second panel of the application contains “Minuts”, its panel of statistics on the state of your home, including temperature, humidity, volume level and air pressure. Each of these values ​​is displayed graphically, and you can examine one of them to see how conditions have changed over time. Touchez anywhere on the graph and you will get a pop-up of high, low and average values ​​for that period.

All of these are very intuitive and very useful, allowing you to view this data by day, week, month or year. If you want to be notified when one of these numbers crosses the set threshold, it is also easy and intuitive to set up. The final feature on the Minuts page is the print risk analysis, which starts showing up after the first week of data collection.

Additional features include an optional night light that turns on when motion is detected after hours (when you set it up), a window fault monitor, and a third-party alarm monitor that lets you know if there’s other An alarm sounds at home (like a smoke alarm). Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, although the sound function is limited to turning the alarm on and off. All of this worked fine in my test (although I didn’t test the monitor for glass damage).

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installed minute

If you have a larger house, you can install a Minut Smart Home Alarm in multiple rooms.

As a fairly simple system, no professional monitoring is offered, but Minut integrates with third parties Day service if you want the first respondent to be sent when there is a problem (Canary also uses this service). Minut also offers its own subscription service, Minut Plus, which extends the log history from 90 days to unlimited, supports many additional households and users and activates “Smart Neighborhood Watch”, which allows you to share your system alerts with trusted neighbors. None of this seems to be worth Minut Plus’s $ 7.99 per month fee, but you may need it if you want to use more than one user account.

Plus, the $ 129 Minut fee really makes sense, and the standard features are free of ongoing subscription fees. Although it does not replace the robust security offered by an alarm system with more complete functions, and does not include smart home features such as lighting control or smart key connectivity, this is still a fantastic and well-designed solution for people with security needs simpler and who do not care about pets in a room that will not stop to receive them.

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