Mobile accessibility options: what they are for

Mobile accessibility options

Over time, technology progresses by leaps and bounds, and in the case mobile phone manufacturers will not be less. Every year, major brands release more and more models, innovation and expansion of the features they offer such as camera, performance and many other features to be the best in this field.

In the not too distant future, terminals will have computing power and many utilities that, until a few years ago, it was believed that only computers could work. Moreover, until recently, no one thought that it was possible to create a Word document and then send it via e-mail …

On the other hand, we always forget about one of the most important and, above all, useful sections of a mobile phone: availability options … If the software functions get better and better, then so does this section.

Mobile accessibility options: what they are for 3

This section is intended for all smartphone users, but is especially useful for those with visual, hearing and motor impairments. In it we can find various types of functions for a more convenient and simple use of our device: improving vision, shortcuts to certain functions, various forms of interaction …

To access these features on Android , we have to go to Settings section of our mobile phone, and once there you will see Universal access option. In it we find different sections which we will explain one by one.

access to android

Each level of customization shows some other options, but overall they are all very similar as Android is the operating system they run on. With their help, we can improve the visibility of text, sound and more.

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In the latest Android update and on its most recent devices, we find a section that can be very useful. In this case, it includes recommended actions to get a more satisfactory experience with our phone. For example, the actions that appear most often are dark background or blue light filter to reduce eye strain.


This feature provides voice prompts so that you can use your device without looking at the screen or for people who are visually impaired. When you tap on an area of ​​the screen or simply scroll it, the device repeats it out loud so you know what you are pressing. It can be activated using shortcuts , for example, simultaneously increasing or decreasing the volume or using the accessibility button, which can be activated from the menu of the same name.

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Improving vision

It probably includes the most useful functions of the entire menu, as we spend many hours in front of screens such as mobile phones, tablets or computers, among others. High contrast applicable to phone theme, fonts or keyboard to make them stand out for the visually impaired. Taking into account color , we find the inversion (to suggest a different approach) and general adjustments (grayscale, protanomaly, deuteronomaly and tritanomaly for color blind people). Color filter can also be added for easier reading.

On the other hand, we find other functions , for example, removal of animation for people with motion sensitivity, magnifying glass, screen magnification and scaling, and font size and style , one of the most frequently edited functions on the phone.

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Improving hearing

This section contains everything related to the sounds projected by a mobile phone. V use with hearing aids to adjust the sound of the mobile phone while wearing it. Then we find Adapt sound , a system that allows us to adapt sound for multimedia and calls. Inside it we find three different age ranges : less than 30 years old, which enhances high frequencies; from 30 to 60 years old, which enhances the high mids; and over 60 years, which amplifies all frequencies.

Mobile accessibility options: what they are for 4

Continuing this section, we find left and right sound balance to get the loudest sound from both sides and mono sound to produce the same sound from both speakers. Then we find instant transcription , A subtitles to use the phone more conveniently. Finally, we find a section for mute all sounds whose name already indicates its task.

Interaction and agility

Here we find many useful actions for improving the relationship with the phone itself. Let’s start with help menu which shows the button menu as a shortcut that performs actions such as screen off, screenshots, or volume up. We also find answer and end call where you can read new names aloud, answer automatically and using the volume up button, or end calls with function button. Finally, interaction control that blocks touch interaction of the Back, Home, and Recent Apps buttons.

V touch settings , we can customize long press, press duration and ignore repeated presses. And finally, in the mouse and physical keyboard section, these are functions designed to use the mobile phone as if it were just another piece of the computer.

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Advanced settings

Advanced settings include several sections. The first is Accessibility button which we have already explained above and can be activated in the previous section, function buttons and volume up and down buttons to perform actions such as enhancing surround sound or instant transcription, among others. As for notifications, you can activate flash camera and screen for notifications or when an alarm goes off. There is a preview button to see the result.


We find others like time to take action , which determines how long messages asking for an action will be displayed. V aloud keyboard input , Bixby vision (provides very useful information when shooting) and voice tag other functions in this section.

Installed services

The last section displays all the accessibility features that the device added during the respective updates, although that doesn’t mean anything since then you have the option to activate them or not.

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