Mobiles in the middle segment sell better than the flagships

For a period, the Galaxy S series sold like hot cakes and were the world’s best-selling mobiles, for example the Galaxy S3 in 2012. Today, when the prices of the flagships have skyrocketed and they can cost small fortunes, it is instead mobiles in the middle segment that dominate the sales lists.

According to the market analysis company Strategy Analytics, the Samsung Galaxy A51 was the world’s best-selling Android mobile during the first quarter of the year, followed by the Xiaomi Redmi 8. The only top model in the top six list is the Galaxy S20 Plus, in third place.

Canalys has done its own analysis with a different way of counting, and they also include iPhones. In Canaly’s list, the iPhone 11 is by far first and the Redmi Note 8/8T in joint second place, followed by the Galaxy A51.

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