More data about the Sony Xperia L3 and XA3 Ultra

More data about the Sony Xperia L3 and XA3 Ultra 4

New information about two mobile futures from Sony It has just been revealed. In this case it is about the Xperia L3 and Xperia XA3 Ultra.

We will give you the data in a differentiated and organized way.

Sony Xperia L3

More data about the Sony Xperia L3 and XA3 Ultra 5

The image above these lines corresponds to Sony Xperia L3 sketch after being captured after receiving its FCC certification.

If we are guided by that sketch, the design is more like a render We show you the Xperia XA3 in early October.

The upper and lower edges are quite pronounced. Both the terminal and panel corners are curved.

The diagonal length of the screen is 165.6 millimeters. The source indicates that it would amount to about 5.73 inches. Most likely, Sony will end up rounded to just 5.7 in its official announcement.

On the upper edge is the speaker / speaker, a small hole that appears to be a sound canceling microphone and the space for what can be either two front cameras, or a camera + a brightness sensor.

Standing on its opposite side, there would be absolutely nothing.

The right side contains the volume button, the fingerprint sensor and the on / off button.

On the left we notice the SIM card slot. There is no data if a MicroSD will go.

Sony Xperia XA3 Ultra… or Plus?

More data about the Sony Xperia L3 and XA3 Ultra 6

About him Sony Xperia XA3 Ultra a new rumor indicates that, At the end of the day, your last name would change from “Ultra” to “Plus”.

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Whatever your name, it would come in black, gold and silver colors. Its price would be located in the 519 euros for the European market.

By last, It is expected that both the Sony Xperia L3, Xperia XA3 (dry) and the Xperia XA3 Ultra – or Xperia XA3 Plus – will be presented during the CES 2019. We will be live from there so we recommend you stay connected to Pisapapeles to have first-hand news.

Sources: Gizchina – Gizmochina

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