More interaction! Minecraft Earth has its own Nintendo-style NFC Amiibo toy

Pokemon GO opens trends in the games market that involve augmented reality, despite the fact that Ingress was released before him. The fact is that after the monster game Freak Game, others tried to catch on to this success: even Harry Potter got something in this style to call it.

Minecraft is another person who started this fever, but got new features that promised to set it apart from the rest of the genre. Puppets with NFC connectivity will be released to unlock the game’s features.

Initially there will be 20 of them, with a total of 10 resources. Steve, Alex and even the vineyards will have numbers to call. Holding a doll next to an NFC cell phone and an open game will allow you to get various resources, items and more. When the puppet opens a temporary resource, a timer will be displayed in-game with the remaining time of the boost.

Despite the many releases, the good news is that each issue will have a suggested retail price of just $ 5. Players also get some experience every time they register a new doll in-game. Friends will apparently be able to swap or borrow dolls to sign up for their account, with no hassle.

Although Minecraft Earth is different from Pokemon GO, the arrival of this function makes it impossible not to compare it with Nintendo Amiibos. The Japanese company pioneered the popularization of this type of “toy”, which unlocked additional functions on Wii U, 3DS games and Switch.

Finally, it should be noted that those who are interested in this new thing must first import these toys until the national distribution becomes official. Also, it should be taken into account if the smartphone used to play has NFC connectivity.

What is deep learning?

And you, what do you think about this implementation in Minecraft Earth? Let us know in the comments!

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