More than 1,000 Porsches left on abandoned cargo ship

An unexpected development has occurred in the automobile world today. More than 1,000 on an abandoned cargo ship Porsche left.

Large-scale car shipments are still made by cargo ships on overseas routes. This issue came up with bad news today. Departing from Germany to the USA The Felicity Ace The large cargo ship named after him was left on his own after the fire on the ocean. It is reported that 22 personnel on board were rescued by helicopters after the fire, and the ship is currently waiting on the ocean.

According to the statement made inside the ship, approximately 1,100 Porsche automobile model. Of course, these are not the only ones on the ship. On board, according to sources Bentley There are also 189 luxury cars and SUVs produced by the company. The Felicity Ace The total number of vehicles belonging to the Volkswagen Group in 3,965 pieces is disclosed.

This is especially Porsche It is not yet known how or when the ship, which made a lot of noise on the vehicles, will be saved, but it is reported that studies are being carried out on this issue. Of course, this situation looks very bad for Volkswagen. Because the supply problems in the automobile market continue and therefore, automobiles cannot be produced at the desired level.

The financial damage of the situation does not seem to be a big problem due to the insurances made. Companies always take out large-scale insurance in this type of transportation.

Update on February 18 at 20:24: in the ship Audi and Lamborghini brand vehicles, for now, the total loss is 150 million dollars allegedly passed. Meanwhile, it looks like electric vehicles were behind the fire. It is reported that the main fire may be based on Audi E-tron, but of course, 100 percent accurate information on this subject is not yet available.

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