Moto E20: see what the new Motorola cell phone offers

Motorola’s new cell phone, Moto E20, comes as an alternative for those who want an updated entry-level cell phone with new features. For some years Motorola has been launching great and competitive entry-level devices, and the Moto E20 comes with some interesting changes, others that may leave something to be desired.

The model comes with a big screen for those who love watching movies and series, a good camera for its price range and a long lasting battery. These features little seen together in cell phones below a thousand reais make the Moto e20 one of the best options for those who want to change their device in 2021.

Check below for more details about the positives and negatives of the new Motorola Moto E20.

Meet the Moto E20

Movies and video calls look much better on an ultra-wide screen. The Max Vision 6.5? HD+ has a 20:9 aspect ratio so you can see everything without scrolling back and forth.


The Moto e20 features a 6.5-inch Ultra HD LCD screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio, ideal for more immersive and cinematic experiences in the palm of your hand. Its large screen with a frequency of 60Hz also allows you to watch content with greater comfort and less irritation to the eyes compared to more compact models that are so common in the same price range.


This Motorola cell phone has two rear lenses, a 13MP main and a 2MP depth lens. Together, they work to provide the user with a great quality camera with quick focus capability, allowing you to blur the background of images for more beautiful photos. Video mode allows recordings in Full HD quality at up to 30fps.

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The 5MP front camera takes care of any eventual video calls, despite offering less sharp and vivid images compared to the rear camera. The new Motorola also doesn’t have a dedicated Flash for the front camera, being used the device’s own screen to light selfies (which has become standard even for high-end devices).


In terms of battery, there are 4000 mAh, with autonomy of up to 40 hours between recharges. The device follows the tradition of the Moto E line, consuming little battery while delivering great performance. Unfortunately, the model does not have the function of fast charging, however it has a type C input connector, which is easy to find and can be used in other electronics.


Despite having a 1.6GHz Unisoc T606 processor and Android 11 Go Edition — perfectly suited for an entry-level cell phone — the device only has 2GB of RAM. This leads to small chokes and takes time to start certain programs when there are many tabs or apps open simultaneously.

And as for storage, this Motorola phone comes with 32GB of internal memory. Which may be insufficient for users who like to take a lot of photos, record videos or have a lot of applications. In this case, it is recommended to add an SD memory card to the slot included in the E20 to save heavier files.

A positive addition is the IP52 certification, which gives the Moto E20 light resistance to water, such as getting a little wet in the rain or accidentally spilling a glass of water near it.

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Finally, in addition to allowing the simultaneous use of up to two chips from different operators, one of the best extras that comes with this new Motorola is the digital reader on the back, a function that is not so common in entry-level cell phones. And, in addition to greater security, it brings the user a quick and practical way to unlock the device.

Is the Moto E20 worth it?

This new Motorola brings interesting news for an entry-level cell phone, with good battery, large screen, with image quality, and also the digital reader. But the 32GB internal memory and the 2GB RAM memory is a point that devalues ​​the product and may not be satisfactory to users.

At the current price, in the range of R$900, it might be more interesting to wait for a reduction in value or look for a model that offers more memory, to ensure better fluidity in use and more space to store files.

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