Motorola Razr goes into Android 10 mode and offers new features

Motorola Razr foldable

The Motorola Razr smartphone can now claim Android 10, with some interesting features.

An update that allows the smartphone to offer more features from its small external screen.

The Motorola Razr on Android 10

Motorola is currently rolling out the Android 10 update for its Razr flip smartphone. An update that comes with several optimizations of course, but also some new features on the secondary screen of the smartphone.


Thus, the small external screen of the Motorola Razr can now display Google Maps directions, allow you to make video calls, answer messages using a full keyboard, control music playback … All this, without having to open the smartphone. Friendly.


Not enough to save the Razr?

Admittedly, this will not correct the various defects inherent in this Razr, with in particular very relative reliability and real photo gaps (and a price of 1,699 euros in France), but the support (software at least) on the part from Motorola is commendable.

Not to mention that the manufacturer has already promised that the Razr will also benefit, in a few months, from the update to Android 11.

However, in the United States, Motorola now offers buyers of a Razr smartphone to receive a second Razr smartphone as a gift. Not necessarily a sign of success for a smartphone launched last January …

Source: The Verge

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