Multiple Screen Sharing with Huawei Share [Nasıl yapılır?]

Huawei Share presented with Multiple Screen Sharing with laptop and Huawei In addition to sharing files between smartphones, it is also possible to view your phone’s screen on your computer. Alright Huawei Share with Multiple Screen Sharing Let’s see how to do it together.

Sharing files between smartphones and computers is not a new technology, as you know. However, mirroring the screen of your smartphone to your computer and being able to use the applications installed on your phone from the screen of your computer; radically changing the use of computers and smartphones. Just at this point; HuaweiIt removes the barriers between Windows and Android operating systems, allowing devices to connect to each other seamlessly. Moreover, you can have a unique experience by using your computer’s hardware such as keyboard, mouse, camera and microphone as the peripheral of your Huawei smartphone.


Multiple Screen Sharing from your computer first. PC Manager You need to open the app. Huawei smartphones in range automatically when the app is first opened bluetooth scans over and a confirmation notification is sent to your phone for connection. After confirming the notification from your phone, the screen of your phone is reflected on your computer and you can control all the features on your phone from your computer. In the same way, it is possible to view all the operations you have done on your phone on your computer screen.

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One of the most practical features drag drop ability. All you have to do for this is to transfer the files in your phone’s gallery to your computer by drag and drop. Imagine you are preparing a presentation. You can directly drag and drop a photo from the gallery of your Huawei smartphone into the presentation file. Moreover, you can transfer not only your photos but also your video files from your phone to your computer by drag and drop. The drag and drop method can also be used to transfer files from your computer to your phone in the opposite direction. For example, you can transfer photos from your computer to WhatsApp chat on your phone by simply dragging and dropping. Another notable feature is copy paste feature. You can copy any text on your phone and paste this copied text on your computer.

So are we limited to business applications only? Of course no. It is also possible to play the games installed on your phone on your computer screen. For example; You can play an auto racing game installed on your phone in full screen on your computer, moreover, using your phone for controls.


Multiple Screen Sharing EMUI 10 Supporting Huawei Share with Huawei phones installed and above, PC Manager 10 and higher versions MateBook Works on all models.


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