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MX Linux is a Debian-based desktop XFCE distribution that has gained a lot of popularity among users looking for something light, fast and different. This distribution has been the most popular over the past year as Windows users who are thinking about turning their back on Microsoft’s operating system; and Linux users who are tired of conventional distributions. The table last June MX has released a new version 19.2 “The Ugly Duckling” with enough tweaks and improvements to keep growing. But the best was yet to come: KDE based version , a version that finally came true.

KDE is one of the most beautiful and customizable desktops what we can find on Linux. However, a long time ago it was one of the heaviest, so performance oriented distributions like MX Linux did not consider using it. Things have changed, however, and the latest versions of KDE Plasma are as lightweight as any other desktop without giving up any of its features.

MX Linux 19.2 KDE

Those in charge of MX worked on a version of their distribution with a KDE desktop for a while so that everyone who wants to take one more step can do it. In early July, this edition was released in beta version, available to everyone. And now, finally, I got to the stable version, and it is available to everyone for free.

Transparency Efectos MX Linux KDE

MX Linux 19.2 with KDE

The new MX Linux with the KDE desktop uses the same framework as the main distribution with XFCE, i.e. Debian. This excellent distribution is developed on this Debian while retaining all the features that have always been part of this system. This distribution is only available for 64-bit systems and comes with Advanced Hardware Support (AHS) enabled by default. It uses the AHS Kernel for Linux 5.6, which is also used by Debian. As for KDE, it ships with Plasma 5.14.5.

Information about MX Linux KDE

In addition to the above, this new edition includes well known MX Tools as well as other software such as antiX-live-usb-system and snapshot system. We will also find popular programs such as GIMP 2.10.12, Firefox 78, VLC 3.0.11, Clementine 1.3.1, Thunderbird 68.9, and LibreOffice 6.1.5, among others.

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Of course, there is a “bug” in this latest version of MX Linux that we cannot set the clock using KDE’s own configuration. But we can do it without any problem using the MX Date tool or, as always, from the time application.

MX Linux KDE Application Menu

Download the new final ISO image

If we install the beta version of this release, we can upgrade to this stable version by any of the various ways to update Linux. However, if we are using the XFCE version, it is not possible to upgrade to this new version, just by formatting and installing from scratch.

new final ISO of this distribution can be found at the following link.We will download a new ISO image, burn it to a USB stick or DVD and prepare it for installation on our computer. If desired, we can also install it on a virtual machine so that we can test all its improvements and news without changing our computer.

KDE Plasma MX Linux Widgets

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