NAMX unveils its first hydrogen SUV concept, and the design is signed Pininfarina

NamX HUV © (Image: NamX)

The French manufacturer NamX formalizes its first fuel cell SUV.

A vehicle with removable capsules, in addition to its main hydrogen tank.

HUV: the hydrogen SUV by NamX

The manufacturer NamX is very proud to formalize today its first hydrogen SUV, called HUV. A vehicle designed in collaboration with the illustrious Pininfarina, which takes on the appearance of a relatively muscular SUV, with a very characteristic grille and cameras as mirrors.


The NamX HUV will be available in two versions, with a 300 hp rear-wheel drive model and a 550 hp all-wheel drive model. Both will have a fuel cell powered by a main tank of course, but also by six removable capsules.

The goal is double here, since in addition to optimizing the autonomy (up to 800 km according to the manufacturer), this will also make it easier to recharge.


No need to take out your checkbook to pre-order this NamX HUV, since its launch is not planned before 2025. You can, however, start putting some money aside, since its price should be fixed at 65,000€ (for the basic version).

The NamX HUV will be exhibited at the next Paris Motor Show in October.

Source : CarScoops

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