NASA drone receives software update to fly on Mars

Last weekend NASA announced the postponement of the 1st flight of the drone Ingenuity on Mars. The robot would fly on Sunday (11), but due to technical problems, the test was postponed. Now, after reviewing data emitted by the helicopter, the responsible team has drawn up a plan to resume the mission.

The group is modifying and reinstalling Ingenuity’s flight control software to address a “command sequence issue”. According to a statement released by NASA, professionals are testing the new software first on Earth, before updating the robot on Mars.

At the Twitter, the US Space Agency said the detailed schedule for the flight is still in progress.


The United States Space Agency intends to capture photos, sounds and videos of the Red Planet. The records will be unprecedented for world science. In all, there will be 5 flights and the first test will be carried out in a region called Van Zyl Overlook, which will allow a good view of the aerodrome that was chosen by the Mars Mission team.

The agency stated that the robot is expected to make its first air trip no later than Wednesday (14).

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