Native software support for smart boards: Pardus ETAP

TUBITAK ULAKBIM developed by Pardus STAGEwill be used on over 100 thousand interactive boards.

It is specified to be used in schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. interface An agreement was also reached between the Ministry of National Education and Arçelik. By contract Ministry of Educationstudents, teachers and administrators in classrooms, laboratories and workshops in schools affiliated to Pardus STAGE They will be able to benefit from installed interactive whiteboards. Within the scope of Fatih Project, it will be put into service in the 2021-2022 academic year. 28,000 units The interactive board will be used more Pardus ETAP.

Pardus Interactive Board Interface Project (STAGE), Pardus team within TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM
The interface, built on the Pardus operating system, has been developed entirely with domestic resources and aims to contribute to education.

Applications on the interface, Pardus Store easily installed using Interface, USB
It enables passwordless login to EBA with the key. Display accessed via interface panel
Thanks to the dimming feature, a certain part or all of the screen can be dimmed, and all attention can be drawn to the desired information or teacher.

Pardus ETAP aims to make a significant contribution to education

Thanks to the touch actions developed for the interface, users can benefit from the touchpads of the interactive whiteboards. The interface provides the opportunity to work on more than one board at the same time, allowing teachers to make the most of interactive whiteboards.

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