Netatmo unveils its MATTER-compatible smart security sensor

Netatmo Matter sensor © Netatmo

The manufacturer offers both an open door detector and a motion sensor, compatible with the new home automation standard.

Although it has suffered several ignition delays, the MATTER standard is the next big step in facilitating the adoption of connected objects for the home.

As a reminder, this protocol will allow any compatible device to be used either by a connected speaker or a smartphone equipped with Google Assistant, HomeKit or Amazon Alexa. Many of the products that have already been released will also benefit from an update to further simplify their use in the home and increase interactions between all products.

Even before the official arrival of this protocol, Netatmo announces the upcoming release of a new MATTER-compatible security sensor.

This device can both automatically detect the opening and closing of a door, but it can also identify movements in a room to alert the user of an intrusion into his home.

The MATTER protocol will not be launched before the end of the first half of 2022

In addition to the MATTER protocol, Netatmo has announced that its future product will be compatible with the Thread protocol. The latter, supported by Apple, allows compatible devices to create a mesh network between them and thus communicate more easily with the hub, which today can be a HomePod mini or an Apple TV 4K.

Native software support for smart boards: Pardus ETAP

The brand gives some examples of interactions between MATTER and Thread devices, such as the automatic start of the heating if a movement is detected or the immediate lighting of the bulbs.

Netatmo did not reveal a price or availability date for its next security sensor. The official certification of the MATTER protocol not being planned before the end of the first half of 2022, it will logically be necessary to wait a few more months to get our hands on it.

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Source : Netatmo press release

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