Netflix strengthens its parental controls, here are the new features

As younger people turn to Netflix to fill their days in confinement, the company is stepping up parental controls with new features. We take stock.

netflix parental control

What cartoon is this child looking at? You have 4 hours. / Credits: Pixabay-Vidmir Raic

Like their parents, children try to occupy their days in confinement as best they can. Between homework and board games, many turn to Netflix to kill a few minutes in the joy and good humor. However, between teleworking and videoconferencing, it is not always easy for parents to strictly control the content viewed by their toddlers. Gabrielle said innocently as she tossed “That” in the middle of the afternoon. We all did it, right?

To support parents (and avoid some trauma in the process), Netflix announces the deployment of new features strengthening parental controls.

Profiles locked by PIN code and new filters

First novelty, Netflix offers lock profiles by PIN code in case your toddlers take advantage of a moment of inattention. There is also a whole series of filters to complete the “Child profile”. Now we can choose to filter content according to age categories : all audiences, 7 years old and over, 13 years old and over, 16 years old and over, 18 years old and over. Of course, each profile is customizable.

Do you want more ? Netflix offers a system of restrictions. Parents can enter movie or series titles that they do not want to appear on their children’s profiles, regardless of their age group.

netflix parental controls restrictions

Netflix now offers a system of filters by age / Credits: Netflix

Finally, you can now access the viewing history of each of the children and even turn off autoplay for the next episode to prevent the

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These new features come as SVOD platforms record viewing records. In full containment, users turn to Netflix and others. Philippe Bailly, founder of the media consulting firm NPA Conseil, told Le Monde:

The week of March 23, there were, every day in France, 5 million ‘streamers’, against 2.7 million a year ago. In one week, the number of programs watched increased from 14.8 million to 18 million.

These figures do not take into account the arrival of Disney +, available since April 7, 2020 after a delayed launch.

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