Netflix: The Last Days of American Crime Disappoints (REVIEW)

who ran to watch the movie The Last Days of American Crime on Netflix, released last Friday (5), expected great emotions. Based on a comic book with the same name, created by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini, two big names in comics, the production could only result in something great. However, it should be marked as one of the worst Netflix movies of 2020!

There was also a lot of bet on the experienced French director Olivier Megaton, responsible for sequels to franchises known as Relentless Search 2 and 3, and Exposure charge 3.

The grandeur is also present in the duration of the film, which has 2 hours and 20 minutes, and in a large amount of plots and subplots present in the script, in addition to many characters that emerge throughout the story, an ambitious dystopian bet.

As the film unfolds, however, we begin to notice that something has gone wrong. Perhaps the technical realization has not been able to deliver what the radical proposals promised. Or maybe the project took itself too seriously and needed more freedom.

The history of The Last Days of American Crime, new movie from Netflix

The story takes place in the near future, in which criminality exceeded all tolerable limits and the government decided to implement a mental signal capable of inhibiting the criminal impulses of individuals with a background in the infamous banditry.

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A week before the implementation of the new technology, Graham Bricke (Edgar Ramírez) takes advantage of the “saideira” atmosphere and decides to carry out one last big robbery. Bricke is portrayed as a “good bandit”, mourning his brother’s death and somewhat lost in the scenes.

On his drunken Blade Runner-style journey, the thief meets playboy Kevin Cash (Michael Pitt) and his fiancée Shelby (Anna Brewster), who convince him to join a plot to steal a billion dollars and flee to Canada.

There is also a subplot with police officer William Sawyer, played by the good South African actor Sharlto Copley. You don’t know much about the character, unless he likes being a cop. And who will try to stop the bandits (anyone imagine different?).

Disappointment and boredom mark Netflix’s new release

As the narrative is very slurred and is busy explaining everything almost constantly, the film is quite annoying. We end up forgetting and even doubting that the production premise (which sometimes leads us to Minority Report) go get somewhere. Whoever watches until the end, even ends up seeing this prophecy come true.

the way The Last Days of American Crime was assembled and presented to the public, one can see the waste of a great idea, which cannot sustain itself as an “action film”, as Fast and furious, neither as a social criticism of the type Elite squad.

Actor Edgar Ramírez is still trying to make sense of his scenes, but what is noticed is that, here, nothing is original, and his attempts are in the realm of bad intentions.

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Text written by Jorge Marin via Nexperts.

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