New app to add Dynamic Island to Android phones

Just iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island in the models, Android missing from the world not done.

iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max The screen hole on the models is not designed as a static gap. Apple is here “Dynamic Island” introduced the system. This interface system, which offers an interactive user experience, will be brought to Android phones with special interface themes. In this regard, a theme called Grumpy UI, which was prepared specifically for MIUI for Xiaomi phones, made a sound. It can be downloaded for free from MIUI Themes Store. this theme is by “Jawomo” which adds Dynamic Island to Android phones after dynamicSpot” The app made a sound.

From here The application, which is currently in beta, that you can get, of course, does not bring every opportunity that Dynamic Island brings to iPhones, but functionalizes the screen hole that houses the selfie camera. The application, which has customization possibilities that Apple does not offer and can also enter the lock screen with the Pro version, can display notifications in a more elegant way by taking over the notifications. It can also take the music control to the screen hole.

DynamicSpot, which also allows the selected application to be opened directly through the screen hole, is just one of many applications prepared to bring Dynamic Island to the Android side. Meanwhile, phone manufacturers are also working on this issue directly. Realme had taken one of the last steps in the process. Details about this step of the company here you can see.

Very noticeable in general Dynamic Island For the system, Apple itself transmitting: “Dynamic Island offers new ways to interact with iPhone, with a design that blurs the boundary between hardware and software and displays key alerts, notifications and activities with real-time adaptation. With the introduction of Dynamic Island, the TrueDepth camera has also been redesigned to take up less space on the screen.

Dynamic Island stays active without blocking on-screen content, allowing users to more easily access controls with just a tap-and-hold gesture. Activities running in the background, such as the Map, Music or a timer, remain visible and interactive. Third-party apps on iOS 16 that provide information such as match scores and ridesharing with Live Events can also take advantage of Dynamic Island.”

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