New Call of Duty to be revealed next Monday

Everything indicates that the new franchise game Call of Duty is getting closer and closer to being announced. The rumor about the possibility of the reveal arose after Activision sent several press kits to social media channels, containing only a message written “Don’t open this box until August 10 at 12pm EDT”, which suggests that next Monday will bring hot news about the shooter.

“So… This just came from Activision.” “Do not open this box until August 10 at 12pm EDT.”

In Brazil, the Hayashiii streamer, a reference in the national community of Call of Duty, also received the gift and posted it on his Twitter.

This week, company president Rob Kostich made an important statement about the relationship between the battle royale Warzone and upcoming titles in the franchise, suggesting a connection between them. “What you should expect is a very close integration between the two. Modern Warfare and Warzone they are obviously strongly connected, and I think this is very important for the player base,” he commented.

Thus, it is possible to wait for news about the online of Call of Duty or a new franchise title, with the second alternative shooting a little ahead due to the size of the marketing action carried out by Activision.

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