New Camera Features on OnePlus Mobile Devices

New Camera Features on OnePlus Mobile Devices

When a mobile phone is updated, the first thing users usually look at is news about the camera app. Android 11 did not bring smartphones to OnePlus, something next update OnePlus camera app what has already been analyzed by the guys at XDA Developers will do.

A team of professionals has revealed the following features that will appear in the brand’s mobile phones. By accessing the APK file OnePlus camera app, The Chinese firm was found to be working on various new features, including moon mode and tilt-shift mode.

OnePlus logo with camera

This is how your OnePlus camera changes

New Camera APK, identified with version number already present in the latest beta of OxygenOS for OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T, only uninhabited. Various lines of code have been found here related to new camera features that are expected to be released in the near future. They are:

Tilt-Shift mode

Tilt-Shift Photography is known for depicting the real world in miniature by using tilt-shift lenses, such as lenses that can change their orientation and position relative to the image sensor. In a typical camera, the lens and sensor are parallel and in the same plane, but if a tilt-shift lens is used, the plane angle can be “tilted” or “changed” resulting in a miniature image. …

new oneplus app

Since you need to change your equipment to take such photos, it is likely that this mode will only achieve new OnePlus phones

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Photo mode that captures light sources with a star effect.

Moon Mode

Following a strategy pioneered by Huawei and in the wake of other manufacturers, OnePlus is looking to add an astronomical photography mode to its mobile devices, which will allow you to photograph the moon in much greater detail even on the darkest night. The manufacturer will even add different filters to change the color of the moon.

modo luna en huawei


The Chinese brand is also working on a dedicated Hyperlapse capture mode that will allow us to record accelerated videos over long distances and capture what happens over long periods of time into short clips.

Focus Peak

Today, this feature is found in many professional cameras, and it enhances the edges that are in focus to make them stand out even more from the background.

When and on which mobile devices?

Since the company hasn’t made progress in this regard, we don’t know when these OnePlus camera innovations will be available, although it is likely that they will go hand in hand with its next top of the range.

It can be assumed that the first smartphones of the brand to boast of these new image capture tools will be OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro this will be presented in a few weeks, but nothing makes us think that some of the improvements in this update cannot be applied to the manufacturer’s current high-performance mobile devices.

Source> XDA Developers

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