New Deco Mesh system with Wi-Fi 6 support: TP-Link Deco X50

TP-Linkintroduced the new member of the Deco Mesh family to the users in Turkey. Coming with Wi-Fi 6 technology TP-Link Deco X50It provides both high speed and wide coverage. The device also promises multi-device connectivity support.

Device It can reach high wireless speeds of 3 Gbps (3,000 Mbps) in total. Deco X50, which has wide Wi-Fi coverage, creates a network that supports up to 150 devices at the same time. Thanks to Wi-Fi 6 technology, the Wi-Fi coverage area is expanded by about 4 times. In this way, Wi-Fi signals can reach every point of the house in a strong way. The device also has dual band support. The device also increases the bandwidth with a technology called HE160. The product, which is also backward compatible with older WiFi standards, can be used with AC or older technology network products.

What is the selling price of the TP-Link Deco X50 model?

Deco X50 also supports TP-Link’s HomeShield feature. The powerful security suite easily meets the security expectations of the users. With HomeShield, security vulnerabilities can be detected; the time children spend on the internet can be limited or websites can be blocked. The device can be set up quickly via the Deco app. The device, which stands out with its design apart from the features it offers, appeals to users who are looking for both fast and wide coverage. If the price of the Deco X50 2-pack is $282.

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