New design details of iPhone 13 come to light in draft design

iPhone 13 A new one has been added to the draft designs of the model. DuanRui In the images shared by a user named, we get information about both the front and back design of the phone.

Looking at the rear camera, the new diagonal dual camera layout stands out. While such a design approach is made in the iPhone 13 and mini model, the Pro model is expected to have the same camera array as the current model. Looking at the front, we see a smaller notch. Thanks to the smaller notch, we can say that the screen experience on the phone will be better. It is said that the new Pro models will come with an ultra-wide-angle camera with F / 1.8 aperture, six elements and autofocus. It is stated that the new Pro models will take better ultra-wide-angle photos than the current Pro model. It is also mentioned that the sensor-based stabilization system, which was previously exclusive to the 12 Pro Max model, will be used on all iPhone models. Thanks to this technology, all cameras are expected to perform better in both low light and video.

When will the iPhone 13 family be unveiled?

It is stated that the iPhone 13 models will also have a strophotography camera feature. In this way, the phone is said to be able to detect the moon and stars and take better photos. Of course, this support is expected to be exclusive to Pro models. It is said that all the details about the new models will be revealed in September.

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