New era to start in France: Repair score for every electronic product

Franceis starting an important era about electronic products. Repair score for each new electronic product to be sold in the country is coming.

Other Europe A new period that will be implemented in other countries as well January 2021 as of month France starts centered. One for every electronic product sold in France after January repairability score will be. Here, a rating out of 10 will be made and people will be able to clearly see whether a product can be easily repaired when it breaks from the score on its box before purchasing it. Here, the country will use a score similar to what iFixit has been doing for years, aiming to increase companies’ preparation of easily repairable products. Behind this is mainly to reduce electronic waste. As you know, many devices that are almost impossible to repair turn into garbage without being brought back to life. This, of course, creates a serious environmental pollution despite all recycling efforts.

France also has other rules on electronics

For example, we learned one of them with the iPhone 12s. Technology giant Apple iPhone 12 only in the box of models had put a Lightning/USB-C cable. The company even produced new iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone XRThe power adapter and headphones were also removed from the box. However, this situation France did not apply, could not.

under the age of 14 in France protect children from electromagnetic waves Due to the law on its name, the company does not have a charger in its models, but headphone continues to give. So how did Apple put the headset on these models? The company did not change the original box of the phones for this. Instead, Apple is giving iPhone buyers in France a full box-in-a-box.

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