New features available for iOS 16 and Android 13 operating systems

tech giant apple, We’ll see you at the WWDC 2022 event iOS 16 will come out with. Internet giant Google Android 13 working on it.

Apple’s software/OS focused WWDC 2022 (Worldwide Developers Conference) effectiveness 6-10 June will be made between As we have mentioned before, the most important operating system that Apple will show at WWDC 2022 iOS 16 will be. So what do we know about this version? From solid sources for Apple that gave the first information about the new iOS version last week. Mark Gurman had happened. According to Gurman in iOS 16 There will be no major changes in design.. Gurman states that Apple will focus especially on notifications in iOS 16. In addition, new health tracking features the version that is also specified to bring, to 9to5Mac according to iOS 15 “Focus” will make the feature even better. Reportedly with iOS 16 “Focus” in the infrastructure more customization / customization will be offered.

newly emerging information wondering if iOS 16accident detection (Focused on automatic notification of automobile accidents) and will bring core support for Apple’s first AR/VR headset. Specific to health application will bring new health features for women The version for which information is given will also improve sleep tracking and will also offer medication tracking.

As far as it is transferred, the pills / drugs that need to be taken with this feature will be scanned by camera or manually and processed into the system. The system will then be able to notify you of the times you take the medication you enter. Almost every innovation of iOS 16, which is informed that it will carry serious improvements in the focus of Apple Music, will also come to iPadOS 16, a special version for iPads. Unlike this version, the biggest innovation will be the updated multi-window management system.

In the meantime, sources are among the information that some devices will not switch to iOS 16. That’s not certain, but not every iPhone that upgrades to iOS 15 will get iOS 16. At the very end of the iOS 15 support list, devices can be retired with iOS 16.

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By the way 2022 will be introduced towards the end, general use 2023 will enter in Tiramisu new operating system Android 13 There is also new information. Version is latest It made a sound with the news that it could enable the use of double eSIM.. In this way, it was stated that two different eSIMs can work simultaneously on an Android phone.

As far as it is said, there will be no need for a new phone for this. Because the infrastructure is developed for software, not hardware, and a single eSIM chip is sufficient for the new era. The physical SIM slot is not expected to be removed from the new generation smartphones. In this respect, the new infrastructure allows the simultaneous use of three different SIMs (two digital and one physical) even allow.

According to the newly released information, Android 13 It will be easier to switch to double window through notifications in the operating system. In this way, it will be possible to quickly switch to the upper-lower window mode by long pressing on the application that receives the notification. Built into the new version head tracking focused “spatial audio” or “spatial sound” Considering bringing support, Google Android 13 It seems like it will take a good step towards game-oriented.

This is not certain yet, but thanks to a technical change, the new version can make games load much faster. Here, the opening time of the games is expected to decrease drastically. By the way, with Android 13, DNS over HTTPS support will be built-in. Thus, internet traffic security will be improved and possible traffic tracking situations will be eliminated.

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Android 13 We also have other information for you. As officially announced, in the new operating system notifications will be linked. When you open an application (like on iOS) a menu will appear where you will be asked to allow or disallow notifications. If you allow, notifications of the application will come, if you do not, the application will not receive notifications. People will be able to change this setting later as they wish.

At the same time, in the new version, it is open in the background and within a 24-hour time frame. apps that consume a lot of battery will be reported to the user. This will prevent the battery from being wasted in vain. This feature will work for all applications.

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