New Features That Make It Easy for Users to Set Default Applications on the Windows 10

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Set the default application in Windows 10 is an important feature in an operating system. The existence of a feature that can set the default application will make it very easy for users who do not really like or are familiar with the default application bundling when they first install an operating system.

In other words, if any user installs a non-default browser, music player or image editor Windows 10 for example, then changing the default application is a must do.

Microsoft also understands, in setting this default application, users expect to be able to do it in a short time, with easy-to-understand steps. On update Windows In the latest 10, Microsoft will release a default application manager feature that addresses this problem.

Update Windows 10 who are still in the recently released Insider program, will present a search field. This search field allows users to quickly find specific extensions they want to set up with other applications.

Maybe this is not a very big change at first, but its impact will greatly affect the overall user comfort, where users can easily make settings on the application.

Then where can you find the search field feature?

Windows 10 -> Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps

But the real question is, when will this feature be available to all users? Windows 10 publicly? So far, Microsoft has not announced the latest features they have developed. The estimated date for the presence of this feature is also still unknown.

So far, Microsoft has never provided a release schedule for the features in Windows 10 which are still under development. They only really announce a feature that is suitable for use by the public, if that feature has also been completely developed.

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As previously reported, a major update on Windows 10 will be made this October, with version 20H2. This update is also more towards an update in the form of a service pack than just a feature update. So that the default application settings feature is expected to be around for a long time.

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