New Features to Increase Users’ Confidence from Letgo

Letgo has launched its new services that will make the second-hand shopping experience safe for users. Users will be able to pay via iyzico using Secure Payment and Contracted Cargo. In addition, sellers will also send a product they sell through Yurtiçi Cargo on a contractual basis.

One of Turkey’s most popular second-hand sales platforms. letgohas launched a brand new application that will make users’ shopping experiences safer. According to the statements made by the company, Letgo users are now secure payment and contracted cargo service they can benefit. In this way, Letgo will enable payment by card and safe and cheap shipping of a purchased product by cargo.

According to the statements made by Letgo, payment transactions through the platform, iyzico through will be provided. In other words, users will have purchased second-hand products by using iyzico, which cooperates with many platforms. Also Letgo’s Domestic Cargo Products sold under an agreement with the company will be able to be delivered to the buyer quickly.

Both the buyer and the seller will be protected.

Secure payment and contracted cargo services implemented by Letgo will protect both buyers and sellers. Because buyers are now shopping for second-hand products. systematic they will somehow continue. Sellers will be protected from fraudulent methods such as counterfeit money. According to the statements made by Letgo, within the scope of secure payment, only will receive a small commission from the buyer.

Explanations on the subject, from Letgo executives Selin Suzer by done. Süzer used the following statements in particular:

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Letgo’s secure payment and contracted cargo service; of the buyer”Offer giveIt starts with touching the ” button. The buyer, who indicates a certain amount to the seller, makes the payment via iyzico if an agreement is reached. to be delivered needs. When the buyer approves the product received from the cargo via Letgo, the product price is transferred to the seller’s account at Letgo. Disputes are resolved by Letgo management…

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