New games to be made available by Google Stadia

Cloud-based game service Google Stadia, continues to grow at the center of closure concerns. Here are the new games of the service;

Google StadiaFor those who don’t know yet, it gets its power from the cloud, that is, from a giant server that works remotely. So the games are not running on your system, they are running on these very powerful servers. The image is transmitted to you only over the internet. This service, which constitutes the future of the game world, has come to the fore with a worrying news in the past weeks. Not for service It has been decided to close for studios that will produce special games for the service.. In the light of these developments, at the beginning of the custom game development process, Jade Raymond He had also left the company. Not closing Stadia for now, but frightening the last move GoogleIn the light of these situations, an article published and clearly said “we are still here”. As reported, more than 100 new games will be added to the service in 2021. Games coming soon to the platform are Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut, It came from space and ate our brains, FIFA 21, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Judgment, Killer Queen Black, Street Power Football and Hellpoint will be.

If we make a brief summary of the technical about Google Stadia

The service, which allows you to enjoy gaming in 4K or Full HD resolution from your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone depending on your internet connection, does not require any upload / download. As we said above, the service, which provides HDR support at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second in the Pro package, will be available in the future. It will also gain 120 frames per second game support in 8K. is among the information received.

New information has come about the screen of the Apple VR headset model

for their servers AMD The company, which has partnered with the company, promises the highest gaming performance. In this system, at least 20 Mbps internet connection is required for 1080P games and at least 35 Mbps internet connection is required for 4K games.

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