New list for Xiaomi and Redmi phones that will receive MIUI 12

Since the day it was introduced, it has managed to make a sound MIUI 12 will get the interface Xiaomi and redmi A new list has come from the company for devices.

First details announced here you can reach Android 10 founded on Xiaomi MIUI 12 interface is already available for many devices. The company is also actively working to give the update to other devices. Xiaomi and Redmi phones, which will switch to MIUI 12 in August through the new list sent by Xiaomi, look like this:

  • -Mi 10
  • -Mi Note 10
  • -Mi Note 10 Pro
  • -Mi 8 Lite
  • -POCO F2 Pro
  • -Pocophone F1
  • -Redmi Note 9
  • -Redmi Note 9 Pro
  • -Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • -Redmi Note 8
  • -Redmi Note 7
  • -Redmi Note 6 Pro
  • -Redmi Note 5
  • -Redmi 9
  • -Redmi 8
  • -Redmi 8A
  • -Redmi 8A Pro
  • -Redmi 7
  • -Redmi 7A
  • -Redmi 6A
  • -Redmi 6
  • -Redmi 6 Pro
  • – Redmi S2

of this list Xiaomi Indonesia given by it. In this respect, do not expect the above devices to switch to MIUI 12 in Turkey in August. However, it is certain that there will be updates for these devices, and the transition will be rapid in Turkey in the future. will be done.

A nice feature has been on the agenda for Xiaomi MIUI 12 recently.

Version ahead”Sound Assistant” will get a feature called This feature of it will allow different applications to make different volume adjustments. In this way, for example, the volume of the YouTube application can be brought to 50 percent, the volume of the Facebook application to 60 percent, and the volume of Spotify to 100 percent. This will really please many users. This facility, which is reported to be not included in the stock Android operating system, Xiaomi MIUI 12 In particular, it has already received very good feedback. It can be opened in the settings and easily managed / customized. Sound Assistant feature seems to be among the best details of MIUI 12.

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