New malicious Android apps found that need to be deleted [15 Temmuz]

New that should be deleted from phones immediately Android applications found. These apps are hidden from above you. taking.

There are many different malwares on the Android side. Some of these are from phones. stealing datasome blackmail-oriented works, some of them secretly sign up users to some subscriptions. Some pests focus on stealing people’s bank information, depending on their money and personal information. Apps found this time “Autolycos” via malware privately subscribing to certain services are among the options. All of the following apps were recently deleted from the Play Store by Google. However, if you have installed it, you have to perform the deletion process from the phone yourself. If you have installed one of these applications, you may have subscribed to certain services without your knowledge and started paying serious amounts for them. It would be very logical to check your active subscriptions regularly, not just for these applications.

  • -Vlog Star Video Editor – Over 1 million downloads
  • -Creative 3D Launcher – over 1 million downloads
  • -Funny Camera – more than 500 thousand downloads
  • -Wow Beauty Camera – over 100k downloads
  • -Gif Emoji Keyboard – over 100k downloaded
  • -Razer Keyboard & Theme – Over 50,000 downloads
  • -Freeglow Camera 1.0.0 – More than 5 thousand downloads
  • -Coco camera v1.1 – Around 1,000 downloads

There was also a list on the Android side before that. ThreatFabric It was stated that the following applications found by the company were distributed globally with four different malicious infrastructures. The applications, which are reported to have spread less in the Turkish market than in other markets, were deleted from the Play Store by Google as a result of the research. However, if you have installed them, you have to manually delete these applications from your phone. need. There is currently no system to do this remotely automatically.

  • -Two Factor Authenticator
  • -Protection Guard
  • -QR CreatorScanner
  • -Master Scanner Live
  • -QR Scanner 2021
  • -QR Scanner
  • -PDF Document Scanner – Scan to PDF
  • -PDF Document Scanner
  • -PDF Document Scanner Free
  • -CryptoTracker
  • -Gym and Fitness Trainer
  • -Master Scanner Live
  • -Gym and Fitness Trainer
  • -PDF AI: Text Recognizer
  • -QR CreatorScanner
  • -QR CreatorScanner

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