New quick actions for Google Chrome address bar

quick actions (Chrome actions) this browser is an experimental feature with which we can perform certain tasks or access certain parts of the browser (for example, configuration) by simply entering text in the address bar. All in all, it’s a versatile feature finder, albeit a limited one.

New quick actions for Google Chrome address bar

This feature first appeared in Google Chrome with version 87 last November. It originally only supported some very specific features like clearing history, deleting cookies, opening incognito mode, managing passwords, refreshing Chrome, or translating a page. However, it is gradually gaining new functions that allow us to use this function more intuitively. And recently, there are 3 new features in Chrome Actions.

New shortcuts for Google Chrome

Chrome Beta users can now use this new browser feature. In addition, from yesterday they can enjoy 3 new actions that they can perform in the browser with a simple command:

  • Chrome security check // Run password check – With this new action, we can perform a quick security check. This way, we can analyze our data in search of security breaches, malicious extensions, and more.
  • New Google Doc // Create Google Doc – This quick action will allow us to directly create a new Google Doc and save it to your cloud. This saves us time and eliminates the need to log into Google Drive to do the same. An indispensable action for those who often use this office suite.
  • Manage My Google Account // Set Up My Google Account – Allows us to navigate directly to your Google account management options, such as changing billing information, subscriptions, or personal information.
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So by writing naturally in the browser’s address bar, we can accomplish these tasks.

How to enable quick actions in Chrome

New Chrome Quick Actions will be available to all users during this year … However, they do not have a specific date at the moment. During its development, only users using the beta or Canay browser will be able to try these quick steps right now.

In addition, they are disabled by default, so we will have to manually activate them to use these new actions. We can do this from the flags section (chrome: // flags), looking for all entries associated with ” # omnibox pedals “And marking them as” Enable “.

Activar Chrome actions

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