New tab preview in Chrome: how to enable or disable

This Chrome feature is still in experimental stage. Despite this, it can be activated in our browser to check if this function can really be useful to us.

Preview in a new tab in Chrome

Below we will see what exactly this function consists of and how we can activate or deactivate it, if it suits us.

Google Chrome Preview Modes

Typically, all web pages contain abbreviated information about their content for the user, which we can view without entering it. This information can be seen on the tab of our browser. And it is thanks to these new features that it is supposed to get a new preview mode in the tabs that we have opened. This will allow us to know its contents without having to click on it to view its contents. For this we will use “Maps on hover” and Tab Hover Cards Images Features Chrome.

This preview mode is a new feature that Chrome acquired from Google and is in the testing phase. It has the most common Preview mode (cards on hover) and Preview with images (card images on hover on hover). This news is by no means exclusive, but Microsoft has previously launched with the Edge browser. Not to be outdone, Google has now adapted them so that Chrome users can use them too.

Thus, when we hover over an open browser tab, we will see a preview of the URL and title of the page displayed if we have Maps on Hover mode active. If instead of this mode we have activated the “Tab Hover Cards Images” mode, in addition to the title and URL, we will also see a small preview image pages.

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Previous version of image in Chrome activada

These are features that Google has been working on for a long time to offer previews of open tabs and know their content without going to the tab … This can be quite useful when we have multiple tabs open on the same website or even on different pages. This way we can keep track of all open tabs continuously.

Likewise, we must remember that these are experimental Google features. This means that they may be defective or not always work correctly. And it may even happen that they are removed without prior notice if Google deems it appropriate. However, if we want to try them, today we will show you how we can activate both the “Preview” and “Preview with images” mode in a few simple steps. In the same way, we will see how we can deactivate them if, after trying them, they have not convinced us enough.

Enable or disable preview mode

First, we’ll talk about the preview mode that we can activate in the tags section of Chrome. To enable this feature, we have to open Chrome and write the following in the address bar:

chrome: // flags /

Once the page opens, we will use a search engine to write “Taber Hover Maps” and we will see that this feature is underlined in yellow. If we want to enable it, just click the blue button on the right and select “Included” … Finally, click the Restart button in the bottom right corner to have Chrome restart and apply the changes.

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Activar vista previa de imágenes en Chrome

If we followed all the steps correctly, we will see how opening a new tab in Chrome and hovering over it will show us the URL and title of the webpage found in the tab. In this case, the information provided is rather concise. This is why it might be interesting for users who don’t need a preview that suddenly invades part of their screen.

If we finally decide we don’t like it and want to turn it off, the procedure is just as simple. You will have to repeat the previous steps and just change “Enabled” to “Disabled” and restart again.

Desactivar vista previa Chrome

Enabling or Disabling Image Preview Mode

Next, we will see how we can activate or deactivate the image preview mode in Google Chrome by following a few steps similar to the previous one.

The first thing we need to do is open our Chrome browser and the address bar that we write:

chrome: // flags / # tab-hover-card-images

After we have opened the Chrome checkboxes window, there should immediately appear an entry marked in yellow with the name “Tab Hover Card Images”. Now all we have to do is click on the corresponding field on the right and mark it as “Included”

Activar vista previa de imágenes en Chrome

Once that’s done, click the Restart button that appears in the bottom right corner to restart Chrome and apply your changes. This way, if we followed the above steps, we check how, after restarting Chrome, if we have a tab with a page open and we hover over it, it will show us the url, title information and a preview image itself … Without a doubt, this is a more complete version and provides more information than the previous one.

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In case we regret and want to disable this feature, we will only need to reverse the steps in the reverse order. Just repeat the steps one more time, changing Enabled to “Disabled” and restarting again.

Desactivar vista previa imágenes en Chrome

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