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During the month of April, Oppo presented the first phones of its new Reno sub-brand. Despite being part of an independent brand (theoretically), in its name we continue to see Oppo’s name. Well, a few months later, we see that the brand will present the Oppo Reno 2 during this month of August, starting with India. Details of their characteristics have not yet been leaked, although the promotional poster of these terminals show us some specifications that they will have and they already seem very interesting.

The cameras are one of the points that we value most when differentiating some terminals from others. Some of the specifications of two phones may be very similar, but if there is a noticeable difference in price, it is likely also in the quality of their cameras. More is not always better, but yes if each camera has a specific function, as we could see in the Oppo Reno 2 that we will see later this month.

Oppo Reno 2 will keep the shark fin

One of the differential aspects of the Oppo Reno, without a doubt is its design. They have a full screen, without notch (except the Reno Z). This is achieved with a somewhat peculiar pop-up camera, as it has a format dubbed as a shark fin (for obvious reasons). The second generation of these devices could retain this feature., as we have seen in a promotional image filtered by 91Mobiles. In this image, which we leave below these lines, you can clearly see some key sections of the Oppo Reno 2.

Yes, we speak in the plural constantly because as shown in the poster, they are the Oppo Reno 2 Series, indicating that there will be more than one model. In addition to the emerging front camera, we also see another feature of great interest: its four rear cameras. Of these cameras we do not officially know any details, except that they will be able to get pictures with an x20 zoom, Therefore, the presence of a two-magnification telephoto camera is confirmed (10 electronic magnifications x 2 optical magnifications = x20 magnifications).

On the other three cameras, there are no details. We assume that one will be 48 megapixels for the current trend and that the one below corresponds to a depth sensor. Now the question is: Will the third camera be a wide angle? Sincerely, hopefully. The Oppo Reno 2 could keep an interesting price, like their predecessors and this feature would make them really versatile as far as camera is concerned. His presentation will be on August 28, in less than two weeks and will take place in India, although we assume that they will arrive globally.

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