Nike Adapt Huarache – automatic lacing and voice-activated sneakers

Nike Unveils New Adapt Huarache Running Shoes with Siri Control & Smart Watch Apple Watch.

Nike Adapt Huarache sneakers are designed for athletes and are able to adapt to external conditions, as well as automatically change the force of tightening the laces to ensure maximum comfort.

Self-tightening shoelaces

Nike Adapt Huarache sneakers have FitAdapt technology, the essence of which is to use small motors to automatically tighten hidden laces after the user puts them on. Thus, the need for traditional shoelaces disappears.

Nike adapt huarache

Running shoes

To control the tightening force, special buttons on the plantar side can be used. In addition, Nike Adapt Huarache sneakers can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone with a preinstalled application that allows you to choose one of several lacing modes.

Nike adapt huarache

Lanyard pull control is also supported using the Siri voice assistant command. In addition, a special app for sneakers is also available for smart watches. Apple Watch.

Sales Start Date

Nike Adapt Huarache sneakers will go on sale on September 13, their cost is still unknown.

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