Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra is released for Android

An official edition of the Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra has landed in Google Play. This is a preview version that is still being worked on, so the emulator has not been fully released yet.

The device must be running Android 8 or later and support OpenGL ES 3.2. Otherwise, Citra should be able to be installed on most models, although of course the emulation will flow better the more powerful mobile you have.

According to the Play Store page, Citra is compatible with hundreds of 3DS games and is also said to be able to improve graphics. The emulator supports 3DS features such as tilt control, microphone and camera. The developer offers a premium version with bonus features, for SEK 59. The purchase is made from within the app.

Nintendo released the 3DS, a portable game console, in the spring of 2011. Those who want to try it out can find Citra here.

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