Nissan Ariya SUV, future Nissan Leaf on steroids, unveiled in Los Angeles

Nissan Ariya

Nissan’s future SUV is currently being showcased in Los Angeles at the AutoMobility Show. Initially launched with a special edition, the Nissan Ariya will be offered at $53,450. It will then be followed by a more accessible entry-level version, marketed at 47,125 dollars.

Nissan takes advantage of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance’s CMF-EV electric car platform and will offer a CCS port for fast charging, whereas until then the brand was faithful to the CHAdeMO format as on the Nissan Leaf.

Based on the Alliance’s common platform, the CMF-EV, Nissan’s new SUV will benefit from a long range thanks to a 91 kWh battery, of which 87 kWh is usable. The manufacturer announces 483 km on a full charge. The Ariya can be connected to a DC terminal in the CCS Combo 2 format, the most common format in France.

If it will be available in two and four-wheel drive versions, all versions will have this large capacity battery. It is obviously the two-wheel-drive version that enjoys the best range, having only one motor to power. The all-wheel-drive version can cover 426 km.

In two-wheel drive, the Nissan Ariya will go from 0 to 96 km/h in 7.2 seconds, while the AWD version with four-wheel drive will be significantly more efficient with a 0 to 100 km/h reached in just 5.1 seconds. . A version with a 63 kWh battery should join the catalog in the future, allowing the Ariya to be more financially accessible while offering a range of 360 km.

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Nissan Ariya: four versions available from $47,125

At the launch of the new Nissan Ariya, the manufacturer will offer four versions. Reservations are already open in the United States and should follow quickly in Europe.

  • Ariya Venture Plus (two-wheel drive, 242 horsepower): $47,125
  • Ariya Evolve Plus (two-wheel drive, 242 horsepower): $50,125
  • Ariya Premiere (two-wheel drive, 242 horsepower) $54,625
  • Ariya Platinum Plus (four-wheel drive, 394 horsepower): $60,125

Prices for the European market are not yet communicated. The first deliveries are expected for the fall of 2022 on the American market.

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Sources: Nissan, The Verge

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