No fiber at home? The Sosh 4G 100 GB offer at € 16.99 per month is top notch

[Le Deal du Jour] If you are looking for a package with a substantial envelope, Sosh returns with its 100 GB offer for 16.99 euros per me. It is always without obligation and the price does not double after a year.

This is the return of the excellent Sosh plan with 100 GB of 4G data. To travel this summer in France and Europe, there is nothing better than such an envelope to leave peacefully. You will also benefit from the best coverage with the Orange network.

This 100 GB Sosh package is offered in a limited series at 16.99 euros per month. This amount does not increase after one year and is obviously non-binding. Please note, this offer is only available for new customers.

To better understand the offer

  • What’s in this 100 GB plan?

With this offer, you benefit, as its name suggests, from 100 GB of 4G data usable in mainland France. Included in this envelope: 15 GB allowing Internet use in Europe and the French overseas departments. Calls and SMS / MMS are obviously unlimited, whether in France, Europe or even in the overseas departments.

Sosh is a subsidiary of Orange and benefits from the infrastructure of the French operator. Its network is also considered number 1 according to ARCEP in 2019 in France. Concretely, you benefit from the number 1 mobile network at a lower price and without commitment.

  • Are there more things to know?

It is worth remembering that this offer is only available to new customers. When you register, you will have to pay 10 euros immediately to receive your new triple-cut SIM card.

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If you wish to keep your number, it is possible and free. You will need to bring your RIO which you can retrieve by calling 3179.

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