No Man’s Sky Origins: the new game update is revealed

No Man's Sky Origins

After celebrating its fourth birthday last month, No Man’s Sky returns with an unprecedented update. This patch once again improves the gaming experience and brings a whole series of new features.

The British studio Hello Games has therefore just lifted the veil on No Man’s Sky Origins. This 3.0 patch is available now and free of charge on all media. It allows the game universe to expand even further while bringing more variety to planets, wildlife, weather, and solar systems.

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A stunning galaxy

Among the significant novelties, we can highlight the arrival of new planets with ever larger and more detailed environments. We must also expect more diversity in terms of flora and fauna. Clouds and weather are also more diverse, with tornadoes appearing on the surface of some worlds. Even better, very rare solar systems will be able to accommodate multiple stars.

Volcanoes, gravitational anomalies, meteors and lightning are also part of the game. The patch even contains wild insects and robots. Finally, the menu interface has been completely reworked, the teleporters and the photo mode have been improved. The video present in this article gives us a brief overview of the content of the update.

Source : No Man’s Sky

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